Artist Statement

My latest work is a series of large, densely hued paintings or fragments that are cut out and glued together to create various visual planes.  The paintings are composed of a number of layers of watercolors mounted on other watercolors.  The resulting enlarged images and moody atmospheres are an attempt to create an eerie, disquieting transcendence, drawing the viewer into an inner world of emotional and sensual conflict.  

Viewers are encouraged to participate in the paintings/installations as an ‘absent presence’.  The large scale and sensuality of the medium invite entrance into each situation.  Objects or people inhabit ambiguous spaces, reminiscent of stage settings where numerous symbolic levels are presented to the audience using backdrops.  The viewer may experience an emotional potpourri, depending on the individual’s base associations with the symbols.  

People and objects in modern society are often found out of context or alienated from predictable settings – life is complicated and so are the conflicting emotions we experience.  The paintings are about these clashes and the necessity to produce one´s own metaphysical symbols, one´s own myths, one’s own spirituality.  Yet the hope and peace in the paintings seem to lie beyond the barriers, abysses or ambiguity, hence the discord.    

The contrasts -- hard and soft, dark and light, warm and cold, peaceful and threatening -- are juxtaposed against each other, giving complexity to an outwardly simple painting.  I want the work to resonate, to vibrate on a frequency that sets off a chain reaction of personal associations and comparisons – and I hope the viewer shares the tension inevitably lurking behind the beauty.

French Carousel Over Mass Pike, watercolor on paper on canvas, 58" x 76"

French Carousel Over Mass Pike, watercolor on paper on canvas, 58" x 76"