Born in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, Robert Morgan’s early interest in art was fueled by the rich traditions of the Berkshires / Hudson Valley region. After residing in Buenos Aires, London, Boston, and San Francisco among other places, he returned to the area of his youth, now living in the Taconic Mountains of Petersburgh, NY, with his artist wife Pennie Brantley.   

Morgan’s approach to watercolor is unique.  While his early paintings sprang from the delicate, sensitive watercolors abundant in the three hundred year history of the region, his work has grown into huge collaged pieces that invite a wide, participatory view.  His paintings are frequently composed of a number of layers of watercolors mounted on other watercolors, resulting in visual planes that are often out of expected context. With characteristically dense pigment, textured treatment of the surfaces and off-beat compositional schemes, he stretches content, technique and scale, reversing the ‘precious’ attributes usually associated with the medium.  

After exhibiting in numerous solo and group exhibitions in museums and galleries on both US coasts and internationally, Morgan was featured in a major retrospective at the Borges Cultural Center in Buenos Aires, Argentina. In the exhibition catalog, Ed Shaw, one of South America’s foremost art critics, said: “Morgan is an anachronism in today's art world. Cloaked in classical garb, his work requires a pause from zapping and deserves the effort of a second glance. For those who are willing to share his search, he takes aim at clarifying those obscure mysteries which make life so tantalizing.”